Wortie Liquid Wart & Verruca remover

The pain-free and fast treatment for wart & verruca removal that will save you time! 

  • Pain-free
  • Done in seconds
  • Only twice weekly
  • With 18 plasters to protect

Pain-free and fast treatment

Effective and safer mixture of ingredients
Wortie® Liquid formula is based on a mixture of well-known acids used in the treatment of warts and verrucas. 

Wortie® Liquid formula works with double action: 

  1. Exfoliating the top layers that form the callus of the wart or verruca. This softens the hard skin thereby allowing removal of the wart or verruca. (Active ingredient: Glycolic Acid)
  2. Deep peeling of the tissue that forms the wart or verruca (Active ingredient: TCA).

Fast & Precise application
Wortie® Liquid dries in approximately 30 seconds, helping to avoid  blemishes and irritation.  Its very precise application prevents damage to surrounding healthy skin.

Transparent Plasters to protect
Wortie® Liquid contains plasters to cover the area after application. The plasters allow longer exposure to the active ingredients. Furthermore, the plasters function as a protective layer to help keep the area clean, 
protect from touching, hide the wart to avoid embarrassment and to reduce the chance of transmission of the wart virus to others.



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